Bright Purple

November 22, 2023
£100000 - £100000

Job Description

Bright Purple is working in close partnership with one of the world’s most innovative tech companies. A household name, their products are used by hundreds of millions of people.

This is a chance to work on truly cutting-edge technology. A phrase often over-used, in this case it is accurate. Few organisations on the planet have the resources this company do, and few will play a more central role in shaping our inter-connected, smart future.

They are establishing an R+D centre in Edinburgh, with a team of world-class programmers and researchers. All are leaders in their respective fields.

A key part of their exploration and prototyping involves navigational and positioning areas like SLAM, INS, and Machine Learning. This work will drive the next-generation of key components for their products positioning and mapping software. This will involve work on both vehicular and pedestrian navigation.

Please give serious thought to an application if you have the following experience:

Exceptional academic or professional experience in the positioning, mapping, or geo-
spatial fields

Knowledge of INS, SLAM, or ML/Positioning Algorithms

Strong programming experience (Python, C++, Java, Haskell, Rust, C, etc.)

A strong Mathematics of Computer Science background

Ideally educated to PhD or Masters level.